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Alameda County Fair

Alameda County Fairgrounds, Gate 8 or Gate 12 Corner of Bernal and, Valley Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

Just remember Valley Avenue is the entrance street for Gate 8 or 12 if you purchase a Groupon parking permit. My GPS brought us to the Pleasanton Avenue side where that particular premium parking lot was a pricy twenty bucks! That's even more expensive than our own California state fair parking in Sacramento which was priced at fifteen dollars last year. 

It was sweltering on the day we came. By 11 AM when it first opened, it was already 81 degrees. It was 96 degrees by 130 PM. Ugh! Where were their misters to keep you fresh? Didn't they know we left Sactown to escape the heat? It followed us all the way to the East Bay. Grossly hot!

It was a blessing they had a particular free day up to a specific time or else I don't think I would return especially on a blistering hot day! It took us ninety minutes to get here as we are from Sactown. Leaving the fair, we hit the crazy Bay Area traffic. Another negative. 

I was thrilled to see the cute bunnies & gorgeous floral gardens inclusive of waterfall fountains. Maybe next time on a more relaxed day I will pay two bucks for the butterflies caged area & hopefully find the pig races and railroad museum. 

Looks like this year 2018 they have a pretty decent line up of entertainment acts like Morris Day & the Time, Confunkshun & War & more! Alameda County Fair runs from June 15 to July 8. I suggest taking advantage of those colder days & bring loads of money to splurge on food, shopping & entertainment! We even saw them filming Carnival Kings!