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GamedayVR Pleasanton

GamedayVR Pleasanton, 1 Stoneridge Mall Pleasanton, CA 94588

This was a big surprise for me. I had a couple hours to waste while I waited for my computer repair. Grabbed lunch (different kinda awesome yelp review) at a great place then started wandering around the mall. I walked by GamedayVR and saw this guy and his family having fun on it and decided what the heck I'll give it a shot. 
When I walked in I met a really nice guy behind the counter who gave me the rundown and what to expect. 

The "demo" unit was already being occupied (the family) so I decided to pay for my first experience. Figured the family was having a great time it was gonna take a while before the demo got free'ed up. It wasn't much money to play so I told the guy to let's do this! He took me into the back and got me hooked up to a "shoot'em up" kinda game. Robots were the bad guys and I was the hero who was hopefully going to save the day. Let me first remind whoever is reading this I'm a beginner and have never done this before. 

It was amazing, fun, real, and I kicked ass! Okay, full disclosure there was a learning curve. But once I broke through that those robots were my B$&@H! I had so much fun I went paid for another round and got a different landscape. It was even better! Couldn't believe how real a fun it was.

Here's the kicker. The guy who was helping me had a manager/owner giving him assistance. When I walked up to the counter the guy said it's on us. Apparently they enjoyed how much I liked my first time. LMAO! Great group of people with a fantastic manager! Thank you guys and gals!

I may have to break my computer so I can get my computer "repaired" again...