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Pirates of Emerson

Pirates of Emerson Haunted Themed Park, Valley Ave, Pleasanton, CA 94566

I love Pirates of Emerson! I've been going every year for almost a decade (since it was in Fremont). Every year it grows and evolves. So much fun, and a perfect haunt attraction. It's fantastic that they provide different genres for each haunt as well. The actors always look great and do a fantastic job. 3 of them complimented my dress (lol), but they stayed in character to do it, which was awesome!

For all the attractions, atmosphere, fun, and scares, you really can't beat the price. I've been to some haunts in the Bay Area that are almost twice the price and not nearly as good.
Buried Alive was new this year. I loved the concept! It was so creepy, and probably my favorite attraction this year.
I also enjoy the games, mini golf, etc. There seemed to be fewer this year, which was a little disappointing though.

A little constructive criticism (in case the owners read these):
This year, the mesh fabric screen thing that hangs on the exterior fences was less opaque than in previous years. It does ruin the suspension of disbelief a bit when you can see front porch lights of houses (businesses, whatever they were) across the street. I mostly noticed this in the Haunted Woods.
Some kind of prize--even just a piece of candy or something--is always nice for winning at the games! (But I'm just greedy for Halloween candy because I'm too old to trick-or-treat.)
Sideshow and Oddities could use a little updating. Especially as they cost extra. I go in every year hoping for something new and come out a bit disappointed.

In conclusion, I make sure to hit up Pirates every year despite how full my October calendar is. Thanks for always delivering a great time!