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Umigo Racing

Umigo Indoor Kart Racing & Event Center, 6538 Patterson Pass Rd, Livermore, CA 94550

We made our reservation the same day over the phone and they kept to the schedule.  The facility is huge.  They have arcade type games in the area outside the track.  

After the safety orientation, we headed to the track.  The cars and helmets are in excellent condition.  

It's racing and it's harder than it looks on TV.  Highly technical and challenging but a total blast.  

The staff did a great job.  Trackside they use colored flags to signal drivers, caution, let a faster car pass, one lap remaining and the checkered flag when the race is over.  Drivers who collide, are reckless or ignore staff instructions were given a timeout to maintain safe operating conditions for other drivers and staff.  

If I could suggest one improvement for Umigo it would be to increase ventilation for the cart exhaust.  It wasn't overpowering but you definitely know you are driving a gas powered vehicle.

We are definitely going back soon.